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Four decades ago Michael Barlow began installing pumps and drilling wells with one rig. He diversified into commercial geothermal projects in the early '90s. Today MICHAEL BARLOW DRILLING & SERVICE INC. completes as much service volume as drilling. This includes water treatment services for whole house and point of use as well as pump service and repair.

“In 2000-01, we completed what was then the largest geothermal project in North Carolina drilling 656 boreholes, 500-feet deep to serve as the main heating and cooling for the entire 100-acre campus,” Barlow, president, said. “The commercial market became more competitive and with the market saturated, margins weren’t there anymore. We diversified, adding services, and got back to our roots.”

With the high price of new equipment, Barlow sought a way to get into a newer drill without years of financing.

“We felt like for half the money we could basically have a new machine, which was a better return on our investment,” Barlow said. “We could use it to make some money and double the resale value if we decided to sell it, bringing us halfway to buying a new rig.”

Familiar with the Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® East Coast Service Center's knowledgeable mechanics and having seen previous quality refurbishments, Barlow employed their services for his refurbishment.

“The refurbished rig has lived up to every expectation we had, and they stand behind it. They came out and helped us with start up. They’re good mechanics who know what they’re doing,” Barlow said. “We had the refurb done nearly two years ago and it’s performed like a new one. They did a great job.”

He’s been so impressed, he’s preparing to have a second refurbishment completed at the Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® East Coast Service Center.

“Equipment is not designed to continually take abuse, especially in geothermal where it’s all about production,” Barlow said. “It’s like your body. If you’re working 12-hour days, not sleeping, not taking care of it — your body and everything around you suffers.”

His desire to take a basic drill machine, get it as new as he could, and get the best return on investment he could has been met — and more.

“We used a company we can count on and who really cares about the industry,” Barlow said. “Geoprobe®/ DRILLMAX® is now backing us. They’re good people willing to help us out and ensure we have what we need.”

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