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DRILLMAX® Drill Rods Save Production Time, Rig Wear

Using DRILLMAX® drill rods propel production speeds while saving rig wear and tear.

Using DRILLMAX® drill rods propel production speeds while saving rig wear and tear.

Christian & Pugh Well Drilling and Service in Virginia constructs wells by running a smaller diameter screen through casing. Since using DRILLMAX® engineered and manufactured drill rods on their 2021 DM450, production times have decreased.

"The drill pipe helps us telescope the smaller screen much faster," Matt Cunningham, owner, said. "It's lighter, and the ID of the drill pipe is larger, and allows us to get more flow."

The significant difference in production rates prompted them to purchase a second set of drilling rod for their legacy model DM450.

Pulling drill rods out of deep holes with the winches also becomes easier thanks to the lightweight pipe.

Prior to using the DRILLMAX® drilling rod, a company drilling 500-foot geothermal holes had to use the top head to pull the first three of the total 25 rods because the winch wasn't strong enough. Now they can use the winch to pull the whole string, ultimately saving wear and tear on their rig.

 "The same through hole but less weight means carrying more pipe on the machine without negative impacts to drilling process," said Dillon Sickler, regional rig sales and service specialist.

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Using DRILLMAX® drill rods propel production speeds while saving rig wear and tear.

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