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Efficient Rig, Solid Support for Well Installation

DM450 efficiently completes well installation while saving fuel.

DM450 efficiently completes well installation while saving fuel.

Running one legacy model DM450, family-owned DICK JOYCE WELL DRILLING found themselves looking for a solution to their lengthening list of well installation work.

“We got into the market for another rig due to our extensive backlog,” Ryan Hadden, operator, said. “We found ourselves months out for new well installs and began losing work due to the length of time our customers were forced to wait."

Hadden began in 2010 doing service, water filtrations, and a variety of things for the Florida company his grandfather started in 1969. He progressed to driller’s helper a few years ago. When the company — owned by his mother and uncle since 2002 — purchased the new DM450 it became his first machine as driller.

“We can now service our customers quicker and keep up with growing demand,” Hadden said. “There's a lot to be impressed by with the rig — power being one of them. Since we had a legacy DM450 for several years already, we had an idea of what to expect. However the performance I’ve gotten out of our casing driver with the new DM450 has been outstanding.”

The rod carousel on the new DM450 has not only propelled production rates but also solved their problem of accessing small job sites.

“The top head travel is smooth and quick. Paired with the 15 rod carousel, we can trip in and out of the hole very quickly,” Hadden said. “We can load all the materials on one truck by utilizing the rod box as casing storage and have enough deck space for a water tank for water injection. Therefore we no longer worry about a support vehicle being near.”

The ability of the air on the new DM450 to drive pipe without slowing down means they’re able to speed well installation production and expand into new areas averaging 200- to 250-feet of casing.

“We drive our casing in and typically would need to drill ahead to set that much casing to rock. With the power of this machine, many times we are able to drive all of our casing,” Hadden said. “We are doing multiple wells in a day; we’re also taking work in more challenging areas; and we're rewarded with still being able to finish those wells within a day's time.”

They also opted for a hydraulic welder on the rig, saving on fuel and hassle.

“Having the hydraulic welder and retractable reels has saved not only space and gas but also made setting up and tearing down quicker,” Hadden said.

The efficiency of the carrier also contributes to fuel savings.

“I’ve drilled three wells and returned to the office on one 70-gallon tank of fuel,” Hadden said.

For Hadden, the new DM450 is hands-down a reliable rig, worth every bit of money paid, and "comes from good people too."

“Everyone involved is focused on keeping you up and running. Whether you need a part or a technical question answered, you will receive support as fast as possible,” Hadden said. “When spending that amount of money, you’re buying a piece of equipment but also the people who stand behind it. With DRILLMAX® [by Geoprobe®] you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in both aspects.”

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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Features Walkaround

DM450 drilling truck is the larger geothermal drilling rigs for sale and water well drilling rigs for sale

DM450 Drill Rig

The DRILLMAX® DM450 drill rig by Geoprobe® is a lightweight, powerful rig mounted on a 54,000 lb gvw truck for the everyday use for residential water well drilling, commercial geothermal drilling and shallow cathodic protection drilling.

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DM450 efficiently completes well installation while saving fuel.

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