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DM450 rod carousel holds 240-feet of 3.5-inch rods

DM450 rod carousel holds 240-feet of 3.5-inch rods

From the top head offering both torque and speed to the impressive power to weight ratio, drillers have taken notice of the thoughtfully engineered solutions on the latest DM450.

  • rollers on top head carriage for smooth transitions and easy adjustments
  • sturdy drill mast for straighter holes
  • powerful automatic truck chassis for fast and easy mobilization
  • effective rod box and single rod loader for fast tripping in and out of the hole OR rod carousel with ability to back load
  • durability and reliability to stand up to tough sites and numerous borings
  • assorted mud pump options to suit multiple applications and geographic conditions
  • manual hydraulic controls provide power, precision, and reduced maintenance
  • easy maintenance and troubleshooting

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DM450 drilling truck is the larger geothermal drilling rigs for sale and water well drilling rigs for sale

DM450 Drill Rig

The DRILLMAX® DM450 drill rig is a lightweight, powerful rig mounted on a 54,000 lb gvw truck for the everyday use for residential water well drilling, commercial geothermal drilling and shallow cathodic protection drilling.

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DM450 rod carousel holds 240-feet of 3.5-inch rods