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Favorite Features on the DM250 Water Well Rig

The perfect rig for 2 to 6-inch shallow water wells. The DRILLMAX® 250 can be set up with centrifical or piston mud pump and development air, making this rig a smart choice for everyday use. Table assembly has clearance for 12-inch PVC casing and the holding fork and hydraulically operated adjustable breakout wrench make tripping out fast and safe.

  • Capable of getting in tight job sites without worrying about tearing up driveways or yards.
  • Only rig mounted on a truck under CDL requirements that can handle 20-foot drill pipe.
  • Carry up to 200-feet of 3-inch drill pipe on board and load rods with the single rod loader.
  • The helper loads the drill pipe in the single rod loader using helper side controls to operate the jib and winch functions controls.

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DM250 Features

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