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Going the Distance with Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX®

DM250 simplifies mobilization for work installing residential wells

DM250 simplifies mobilization for work installing residential wells

Getting their start in 1992 doing mostly environmental work at gas stations, SHEPLER WELL DRILLING does 75 percent environmental and 25 percent residential wells. Lately a lot of their work involves production wells and recovery wells in oil fields. Running predominantly Geoprobe® rigs and larger rotary rigs, Randy Shepler, president of the Michigan company, sought a solution to their mobilization woes.

“I bought the DRILLMAX® DM250 [by Geoprobe®] for environmental and residential wells because we travel so much,” Shepler said. “Another manufacturer stopped by and had us look at one of theirs, but I decided to go with what I know. Geoprobe® offers superior service and that means a lot.”

His history and experience with Geoprobe® tipped the scales to DRILLMAX®.

“I knew we would have service after the sale and would be able to get questions answered. They’re available when you call, and you’re not spending time playing phone tag,” Shepler said. “I’ve had a few questions and needed to order some tooling. We had a hydraulic leak when I first got the rig, and they came right out and fixed it. That’s why you buy from Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® — they’re really helpful.”

They primarily use the DM250 to install 5-inch PVC residential wells and some deep environmental 2-inch wells. He’s been surprised by the amount of torque on the DM250.

“They say it has a lot, but it’s more than I anticipated. We use a 14-inch auger to set the conductor, and at this time of the year, it’s all frost, but I have the torque to complete the work,” Shepler said. “We’ve done 80-foot to 160-foot wells, used air rotary recently on a landfill, and augured 14-inch hole through cobble and clay to set a conductor on top of bedrock. I was prepared to have to mud rotary drill in the conductor, but the rig had no problem turning the 14-inch auger.”

For Shepler, the rod handler and ease of operation provides an advantage for training the next generation of driller.

“The DM250 is small so it isn’t intimidating and is easy to run, but it can still do everything we need a big rig to do,” Shepler said. “I’ve got my new guy running it, and it was easy to train him on.”

Pleased with the purchase, Shepler says it has met their expectations and then some — including easing their travel troubles.

“It’s nice to hop in a small rig to drive long distances,” Shepler said.

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DRILLMAX® DM250 - Features Walkaround

DM250 water well drill is top choice of drill rigs for tight water well drilling or residential geothermal drilling.

DM250 Drill Rig

The DRILLMAX® DM250 drill rig by Geoprobe®, under CDL requirements, handles 20-foot drill pipe for residential water well drilling and geothermal drilling. The small mud rotary drill rig is ideal for drilling 2-inch to 6-inch shallow water wells.

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DM250 simplifies mobilization for work installing residential wells

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