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Service Worth a 16-hour Road Trip

Tophead repair for rig used to repair windmills for water pumping

Tophead repair for rig used to repair windmills for water pumping

Having owned J&J WATER WELL & WINDMILL SERVICES since 2013, Robbie Barnard implemented drilling services in 2020.

“Business just exploded once word got out that we were full service,” Barnard said. “It’s been a game changer doing 100 percent of anything dealing with water wells.”

Full-service for the self-proclaimed ‘mom-and-pop’ shop in Texas includes restoring, replacing, and repairing windmills for water pumping, inviting them into ranch work.

“I am intrigued by the challenge of solving problems. I like the brain tease of figuring out stuff that most people don’t want to mess with — that’s how we got into windmills,” Barnard said. “We have key and gate codes to a half-million acres of ranches around us.”

When he sought out a local shop to solve a top head drive problem, the shop didn’t disclose they had never completed that type of work before.

“When I called back three weeks later, they hadn’t even touched it,” Barnard said.

Having called Todd Ewing at the Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® Southeast Service Center in Ocala, Florida, over the years for parts, he reached out to him regarding the top head drive issue and was advised he could be taken care of the same day.

“I dropped it off at 7 a.m. Tuesday and was back on the road by 1 p.m.,” Barnard said. “I’ve never had customer service like that. You really can’t ask for more.”

For Barnard, the Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® Southeast Service Center’s ability to follow through on their word is worth a 16-hour drive to Ocala, Florida.

"They do what they say they’ll do, which means the world to me,” Barnard said. “I’ve already arranged transfer case repairs. I’ll call a couple weeks before I’m ready to bring them so they can have the parts on stand by, and they said they’ll get me taken care of with just a night’s stay.”

Quality service and clean condition of the shop provides peace of mind.

“Todd is quick with his part numbers — kudos to him. He’s been a big help on parts to me over the years,” Barnard said. “I was impressed by how clean and organized the shop was. You wouldn’t think it was a drill repair shop. I’m 100 percent satisfied.”

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1835 Wall Street
Salina, KS 67401
Phone: (785) 825-1842
Fax: (352) 237-0450

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Tophead repair for rig used to repair windmills for water pumping

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