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Rig & Tooling System Designed for Success

You operate in an ever-changing business climate, and we're dedicated to helping you thrive. When drill rigs and tooling are designed, built, and supported as one, the end result is a highly refined system making the driller's job efficient and the owner's profits escalate.

DRILLMAX® drill rig engineers work at arm's length from our drill tooling engineers, sharing office and shop space — intentionally. The development of DRILLMAX® drill rigs and drilling equipment for water well is refined to the highest level by the presence of both. This synergy benefits you — the end user.

"It takes both a drill rig and a tool to make a hole. We can offer a better system and react to driller feedback on both sides of the system. Our engineers research the need for a specific tool or drill rig feature, then through ongoing testing and development — by our team and yours — we continually make improvements," Kyle Riedel, tools engineer lead, said. "When you purchase products from DRILLMAX® you aren’t just buying a tool or a drill rig. You’re investing in continued innovation, enabling stronger, easier, more versatile tools and drill rigs for the future."

Choose from a wide assortment of tooling options designed and manufactured by DRILLMAX® to achieve reliable and consistent project results. We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce durable drilling equipment for water well with same-day shipping available on most parts. 

Nobody can say what the next generation of tools or drill rigs will look like, but with the DRILLMAX® brand on them, they’ll make your job faster, easier, and safer.

DRILLMAX® Drill Pipe

More than 15% Lighter.  More than 15% Stronger.  More than 30% More Flow Capacity.

Weighing in at 30-lbs less than conventional drill pipe yet 15% stronger means the 20-foot DRILLMAX® drill pipe is easier on you and the rig, especially when drilling deeper holes. 

"Typically you have to choose between light weight and high strength, but we were able to do both. Lighter weight results in less wear on the machine, while increased strength gives you confidence in your tooling performance," Kyle Riedel, tools engineer lead, said.

A company drilling 500-foot geothermal holes uses the tophead to pull the first three of the total 25 rods because the winch isn't strong enough. With the NEW DRILLMAX® drill pipe, they can use the winch to pull the whole string, ultimately saving wear and tear on their rig.

Higher hardness tool joints facilitate longer wear life and result in a more durable pipe. The 1.75-inch through hole provides more than 30% more flow capacity for efficient hole cleanout when compared to a conventional 3-inch drill pipe with a 1.5-inch through hole.

"The same through hole but less weight means carrying more pipe on the machine without negative impacts to drilling process," said Dillon Sickler, regional rig sales and service specialist.

Designed to work with the DM250 equipped with rod carousel, notches on the end of the pipe allow the rods to rest in alignment on the DRILLMAX® carousel for more efficient drilling.

  Legacy 3.0 DRILLMAX® 3.0
Tool Joint Mayhew Regular DRILLMAX® Mayhew Regular
Tool Joint OD 3 inches 3 inches
Tool Joint ID 1.5 inches 1.75 inches
Weight/20-feet 178 lbs 148 lbs

3.0 X 2-3/8 Mayhew Regular in 20-foot length

3.0 X 2-3/8 Mayhew Regular in 20-foot length

DRILLMAX® Adapter Subs

​​​​​DRILLMAX® manufactured adapter subs ensure consistent, high-quality parts with the convenience of one-stop shopping.

  • lengths suited to machine and application
  • available on the shelf

"I'm excited we offer the full system from drill rig to tooling," said David Sim, East Coast Service Center manager. "There aren't many OEM's who offer tooling and understand the importance of the working relationship between the rig and tooling system."

2-3/8 Mayhew Regular, 2-3/8 IF, Bit Subs Available

2-3/8 Mayhew Regular, 2-3/8 IF, Bit Subs Available

Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug

Bears weight of rod string, making removing of drill rods from the tool string more efficient and safe.

• DRILLMAX® exclusive.
• Makes it easier to make and break threads while tripping rods.
• Reduces operator fatigue.
• Increases operational efficiency of rig.
• Designed, tested, and supported by DRILLMAX®.
• Hinge keeps the lift loop aligned to the winch line.
• 12,000 lb working load limit.
• Available in multiple rod sizes.


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DRILLMAX® Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug