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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Jib and Winch System

Video Summary:

This video looks at the jib and winch system on the DM450.

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The jib and winch system on the DRILLMAX® DM450 Water Well Rig is setup for drillers to access both sides of the rig.

The motor on the main 12,000 pound winch provides full power when tripping out drill pipe. With the flip of a switch, it provides full speed, making travel time twice as fast. The main winch can swing and extend from over top of the hole to the helper side of the rig.

For job sites where support trucks won't fit on the helper side, the second jib swings and extends towards the driller’s side where the 1,800 pound winch can pick up and place smaller objects. This also helps cut time setting casing.