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Rotary Drilling Rig Manufacturers for Water Well Drilling, Geothermal Drilling and Cathodic Protection Drilling

For more than 40 years, making your job easier has been the driving force of DRILLMAX® drill rigs designed for geothermal drilling, water well drilling and cathodic protection drilling. Feedback from experienced drillers like you educates our engineers as they work hard to ensure your DRILLMAX® mud rotary drill rig is: 

  • user-friendly
  • compact but powerful
  • quick and reliable
  • easy to maintain and troubleshoot 

DRILLMAX® Engineering Team a Defining Difference

Our DRILLMAX® engineers bring individual specialties to their work together as a team collaborating on chassis integration, rig controls, rotary head, drill mast, electrical, and accessory integration. From testing components to putting their own drilling experience to work while field testing our mud rotary drill rigs, our talented team isn't satisfied sitting behind a desk discussing design. They get dirty ensuring their designs truly make your job faster, easier, and safer. If you're needing a new water well drilling rig or geothermal drilling rig, but don't find a feature you're seeking - give us a call. Our DRILLMAX®  engineers thrive on collaborating with customers as they continually innovate new designs.

Production System Distinguishes DRILLMAX® Mud Rotary Drill Rigs

Our industry-leading manufacturing facility in Salina, Kansas, is organized into teams with the production system leveraging each individual's skills and specialized manufacturing tools. Our goal at DRILLMAX® is to produce the best possible drilling equipment. To achieve our goal we assemble a talented team and equip them with state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and processes. The combination of skilled people and high-end manufacturing tools means your DRILLMAX® water well or geothermal drilling rig is built consistently, making service support easier.

Maximize Your Success with DRILLMAX®

For the 2018-19 DM250 and DM450 redesigns, the specific goals were to enhance operator features, simplify manufacturing, and improve serviceability. Making your small mud rotary drill rig with powerful tophead drive definitively different, includes:

  • Engineered design and modern construction, maximizing power to quickly complete water well drilling, geothermal drilling, and cathodic protection drilling jobs while simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting 
  • Smaller size and lighter weight, facilitating drilling in tight locations 
  • Simple operation, corresponding to easier training of new operators 
  • Numerous features and options, making it customizable to your particular business model and geographic location
  • Industry-leading drill rig service support, keeping your drill rig in the field earning dollars 

Objectives Guiding Our Work as Rotary Drill Rig Manufacturers

  • To produce the best possible drilling equipment.
  • To create a work environment which allows our employees to grow in knowledge, capability, and market value.
  • To provide top service, both for sales and for repair.
  • To be an asset to our clients.
  • To be honest in all of our business.
  • To be a horizontal organization.
  • To be an organization our employees are proud to work for.
  • To glorify God in all we do. Restated: To be pleasing to God in all our actions. This is his business.
  • To have an atmosphere of innovation.


Contact Us

1835 Wall Street
Salina, KS 67401
Phone: (352) 854-1566
Fax: (352) 237-0450

Centerpoint Customer Support System

DM450 drilling truck is the larger geothermal drilling rigs for sale and water well drilling rigs for sale

DM450 Drill Rig

The DRILLMAX® DM450 drill rig is a lightweight, powerful rig mounted on a 54,000 lb gvw truck for the everyday use for residential water well drilling, commercial geothermal drilling and shallow cathodic protection drilling.