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What do drillers and company owners think about their DRILLMAX® drill rig? Check out some of the stories below to learn how their rigs helped them achieve success and consider how a DRILLMAX® drill rig could launch your own water well drilling, geothermal drilling, or cathodic protection drilling business forward.


Building the Business

A refurbished DM250 helped the Moore family end a three-year hiatus on water well drilling, building the business back to the founder's dreams.

ID: 72 | Date: 2020-09-04

DM250 'Big Rig' in a Little Package

Replacing their 2005 DM250 with a brand new model gave Simmons a lot more of what they had and a leg up on the competition.

ID: 71 | Date: 2020-09-04

Power for Wireline, Factory 4X4 for Wooded Paths

DM250 provides power for wireline technique sampling of mine tailings while lightweight to maneuver lanes through the Georgia pines.

ID: 70 | Date: 2020-09-04

Off-road Demand Dictates Dedicated Dewatering Rig

DM250 speeds up installation of dewatering wells, cutting costs per well, while making driller's experience more pleasant.

ID: 69 | Date: 2020-09-04

New Rig Brings Peace of Mind

Upgrading to a DM250 provides a win-win, faster production and more family quality time.

ID: 68 | Date: 2020-09-04

Taking Geothermal Business to Next Level

Geothermal business takes next step in business plan, doubling production speed with DM250.

ID: 67 | Date: 2020-09-04

Distinctly Different DM450

Reengineered DM450 provides versatility and less downtime after sinkhole sucks down drill rig.

ID: 66 | Date: 2020-09-04

Going at 'Geo-pace'

Versatility of DM450 effective for production pressures of geothermal drilling and cathodic protection drilling service lines.

ID: 65 | Date: 2020-09-04

DM450 Takes on the Rocky Mountains

A recently delivered DM450 drilling geothermal wells at a university at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

ID: 12 | Date: 2020-06-23

DRILLMAX® DM250 Water Well Rig Makes Debut

In 2017, DRILLMAX® joined Geoprobe®. Bringing companies together is real work, but we are already starting to see new positives emerge...

ID: 11 | Date: 2020-06-23

Favorite Features on the DM250 Water Well Rig

The perfect rig for 2 to 6-inch shallow water wells.

ID: 8 | Date: 2020-06-23