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Whether you’re completing water well drilling, geothermal drilling, or cathodic protection drilling applications, the DRILLMAX® well drill includes the necessary tophead rotation speed, head feed speed, and plenty of mud pump options to get the job done. Many well drill owners do all three types of jobs with the same machine. Others use their DRILLMAX® mud rotary rig to install dewatering wells or core mine tailings. Your new DRILLMAX® well drill can be equipped with a variety of options to make your line of work easier, including:

  • Centrifugal or piston mud pump options
  • Onboard air compressor
  • Dual motor hydraulic spinner system
  • Three spool helper-side controls for winch and jib functions
  • 2,000-lb sandline winch with 1/4″ cable

Don't see a feature you're looking for on your well drill?  Give us a call.

Our team of engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our well drill line. Our goal is to help maximize your success by making your job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your well drill downtime while increasing your family time.

“The extra power makes it easier on us. The drilling platform keeps us out of the mud so our boots aren’t 40-pounds heavier. The experience of drilling wells with the DRILLMAX® well drill is just more pleasant. I don’t want a drill rig to slow me down. I only want to slow down because I’m tired. When you have the right equipment, you do good work.” - John Switzer, project manager, Trader Construction Company, North Carolina

Whether drilling a 25-foot screen well or a 400-foot artesian rock well, customers appreciate the added benefit DRILLMAX® drill rigs bring to their fleet

Engineered to handle the speed of geothermal drilling - drilling multiple borings per day as compared to a single hole during a multiple-day process...

Designed with reliability and serviceability in mind, DRILLMAX® drill rigs are well suited for the cathodic protection drilling industry where site access is often heavily restricted