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Whether drilling a 25-foot screen well or a 400-foot artesian rock well, customers appreciate the added benefit DRILLMAX® drilling rigs bring to their fleet. The compact size of the water well drill makes mobilization to the job and into tight drilling locations easier – and less costly. The combination of torque, mast speed, pumps and rod loader make drilling fast and easy. Customers brag their DRILLMAX® drilling rigs are a big rig in a little package.

  • DM250: perfect water well drill for 2-inch to 6-inch shallow water wells.
  • DM450: water well drilling rig handles 4-inch to 12-inch, residential to agricultural wells, up to 1,000-feet

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Our team of engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our water well drill line. Our goal is to help maximize your success by making your job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your water well drilling rig downtime while increasing your family time.

“The rig doesn’t use much fuel and per foot it’s cheaper to operate. Upfront cost is less, and maintenance is less because parts are cheaper and it’s easier to work on. Maintenance wise, it’s really simple. Essentially it’s maintenance free. I can use hand tools to fix what I have to fix. If a hydraulic hose breaks, you can use common stuff you find at an auto parts store.” - Steve Simmons, owner, Roy Simmons & Son Well Drilling, Michigan


DM250 water well drill makes work efficient. Compact water well drilling rigs for tight sites. Water well drill rigs for sale include multiple pump options.

DM250 Drill Rig

Water Well Drilling & Geothermal Drilling

Historically conditions on a Michigan site required multiple days to complete drilling a water well to 160-foot. A DRILLMAX® DM250 owner claims completing the water well at the same site in just five hours.

DM450 water well drilling rigs provide versatility to be your water well drill for residential to agricultural wells.

DM450 Drill Rig

Water Well Drilling, Geothermal Drilling & Cathodic Protection Drilling

Whether drilling water wells for residential or agriculture, customer claims their DRILLMAX® DM450 drilling rig completes small to large wells with ease - and with less downtime than his previous rig.

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DM450 Features

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