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Drilling Videos

What makes DRILLMAX® drill rigs by Geoprobe® different? Check out some of the drilling videos below to learn how the features and options on the drill rigs help owners achieve success. Discover how a DRILLMAX® drill rig by Geoprobe® could spark the next step in your own water well drilling, geothermal drilling, or cathodic protection drilling business growth.

Watch the drilling videos below to see why seasoned drillers praise the DM450 engineering. From the tophead offering both torque and speed to the impressive power to weight ratio, drillers have taken notice of the thoughtful engineered solutions on the the latest DM450.

You'll witness in the drilling videos below the top advantages of the reengineered DM250. Drillers notice the attention to detail Geoprobe®  engineers placed on making their jobs easier. From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, there is loads of added value.

“The way the machine is set up makes it less cumbersome on the driller and helper as a whole. Just makes life easier.” - Tabatha Westberry, office manager, Moore's Well Drilling, Florida

DM650 Overview

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DM250 Hydraulic Table

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DM450 Overview

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DM250 Overview

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DRILLMAX® DM250 - Top Head

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DRILLMAX® DM250 - Table

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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Table

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DRILLMAX® Customer Portal

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DM250 & DM450 Drill Mast

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Rig Access Panels

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DM450 Features

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DM250 Features

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DM250 Single Rod Loader

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