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• Durable, mechanical controls for easy operation
• Under class A/B CDL for safe, cost-effective mobilization
Durable and efficient drilling rig for tight spaces
• Tophead speed and stroke for 20-foot tooling for fast production
water well drilling rig manufacturers
DM250 Drill Rig
Drill rig manufacturers specializing in geothermal drill rigs and water well drilling rigs
DM450 Drill Rig
• Mechanical controls and secure hydraulic hoses make operation easy
• Power for drilling and fast rig transport makes work safe
Powerful drill rig built for tough sites
• Tophead feed and rotation speed make production fast
Durable and efficient drilling rig for tight spaces
water well drilling manufacturers
DM250 Drill Rig
water well drilling rig manufacturers
drill rig manufacturers specializing in water well and geothermal drilling rigs
DM450 Drill Rig
Powerful drill rig built for tough sites

Drill Rig Manufacturers Specializing in Compact Water Well and Geothermal Drill Rigs

For more than 40 years, DRILLMAX® has focused on making the driller’s job easier, continually enhancing our line of compact, powerful tophead drive rigs. The latest drill rigs include engineered features which minimize maintenance hassles while maximizing production on water well drilling, geothermal drilling, or cathodic protection drilling jobs.


With the necessary tophead rotation speed, head feed speed, and plenty of mud pump options to get the job done, complete your water well drilling, geothermal drilling, and cathodic protection drilling jobs with a single, compact water well drill.

Water Well drill

Water Well Drilling

Compact drill rig size makes mobilization to and into tight job sites cheaper and easier without sacrificing on torque, mast speed, or pumps to make water well drilling efficient.

Geothermal drill rig

Geothermal Drilling

Engineered to handle drilling multiple borings per day, DRILLMAX® drill rigs exceed expectations in tough geothermal drilling conditions.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Drilling

Designed with reliability and serviceability in mind, DRILLMAX® drill rigs complete cathodic protection drilling without the worry of creating additional mess or scheduling returns due to breakdowns.

Drill Rig Service Team Support

With drill rig service centers in Kansas, Florida and Pennsylvania, you’ll have industry-leading drill rig service team support nearby for your routine maintenance or more in-depth rig remounting and refurbishment.

Factory Service Center

1835 Wall Street • Salina, Kansas 67401 • (352) 854-1566

Southeast Service Center

5801 SW 6th Place • Ocala, Florida 34474 • (352) 854-1566

East Coast Service Center

468 Limestone Rd • Oxford, Pennsylvania 19363 • (610) 467-1750

News & Resources

See how our customers have had success with our drilling rigs.


Building the Business

A refurbished DM250 helped the Moore family end a three-year hiatus on water well drilling, building the business back to the founder's dreams.


DM250 'Big Rig' in a Little Package

Replacing their 2005 DM250 with a brand new model gave Simmons a lot more of what they had and a leg up on the competition.


Power for Wireline, Factory 4X4 for Wooded Paths

DM250 provides power for wireline technique sampling of mine tailings while lightweight to maneuver lanes through the Georgia pines.


Off-road Demand Dictates Dedicated Dewatering Rig

DM250 speeds up installation of dewatering wells, cutting costs per well, while making driller's experience more pleasant.

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