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DRILLMAX® Water Drilling Rigs Roots

DRILLMAX® Water Drilling Rigs Roots

From Water Drilling Rigs Distributor to Water Well Rig Manufacturer

The roots of DRILLMAX® today began with founder, Ron Owens. Ron’s many relationships with both water drilling rigs manufacturers and water well rig owners developed his keen awareness of what well drilling rigs for sale needed to be desired.

In the early '80s Ron began business as a distributor for existing water drilling rigs and tooling products, specifically to support water well rig owners in the southeast United States – first based in Georgia and then moving to Ocala, Florida. The upstart company commonly took standard water drilling rigs and modified them with special features their customers required for their specific water drilling rigs conditions. 

As water well rig manufacturers went through company reorganizations, Ron increasingly had difficulty supporting the growing customer base. So in the mid-90s he began manufacturing entire water drilling rigs specifically for their client base – initially under the name Drillmaster and then in 2003 redesigned and launched as DRILLMAX®. The business grew as an increasing number of water well drillers utilized their water drilling rigs.

During the years, DRILLMAX® also became known for their water well rig service team. Water well drillers continue to bring their water drilling rigs to DRILLMAX® for routine maintenance as well as more in-depth rig remounting and refurbishment work. The service technician team continues to grow in size and expertise. With three service center locations customers have the convenience of having service support close by or even via phone call, all backed by our team of engineers.

Beginning in 2018, DRILLMAX® production of our well drilling rig for sale shifted to the Geoprobe® industry-leading manufacturing facility in Salina, Kansas, where working teams leverage each individual's skills and specialized manufacturing tools.

Now as a member of the Geoprobe® family, we are as excited as ever about the opportunities ahead. Our facilities are open to tours to personally witness the manufacturing processes, see the water drilling rigs in action, and dialogue with engineers – just give us a call.

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DRILLMAX® Water Drilling Rigs Roots